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Plateau à partager façon mezze

Our Mezze style sharing platters are often chosen by couples that want a very relaxed (help yourself) feel to the day - or as an alternative to canapés, if you are planning on a long cocktail reception! They include overflowing platters of food that are placed in the middle of the table for everybody to share. The platters include fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables cut into crudités, charcuterie (including walnut saucisson, jambon du pays, pork rillettes, chorizo, beautiful patés, smoked duck breast), dried fruit, olives, dips (such as houmous and roasted garlic herby dip), nuts (walnuts, cashews & pistachios), cheeses (feta, goats bûche, camembert and mozarella), freshly baked bread.........a feast for all of the senses!

Plateau à partager façon mezze

Les ingrédients

This dish changes with the seasons, please ask for a definitive ingredients list.


Lait, fruits à coque, sésame, sulfites, gluten

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